Freezing Friday

I'm not in the mood to go to the storage unit and wade through boxes and boxes of ornaments. I'm not in the mood to rearrange furniture in order to find the perfect place for the Christmas Tree. I'm thinking that if Christmas is only 18 days away, why bother?

I was visiting Urban Outfitters website and LORDY.... I came across the perfect tree. Now, I'm ready to put this tree up. I'm excited to see this tree in all it's glory... with one red shiny ornament. This tree makes me smile. This tree makes me realize I don't have to wade through boxes and boxes of ornaments. I don't have to rearrange furniture. And at $24.95 and standing 21 inches high... it meets all my needs.

Isn't this too adorable? I just bought this Charlie Brown Christmas Tree and it should be here in 5 to 7 days. Yipee!!

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And if you really are more of a Whoville Tree................they have those too.


Melissa said…
Awww...what a cute tree!! And you don't have to decorate it.
Patty said…
That's the way to go. I guess that's why I like the fiber optic kind, I can set them on a small table or the fireplace and don't have too much to take down when it's over. Find the older I get the less I like to mess putting many decorations out. And I hate rearranging the furniture to set up a big one, although they are pretty. Maybe that's why some set them up right after Thanksgiving, so they can enjoy them more.

Have a great week-end and let me know about the 23rd. Love you.
Melinda said…
well I wondered how long it would take for someone to make money on this idea. I made a tree like this after Charlie Brown's tree clear back in FOURTH GRADE! DAMN......someone should pay me for my marketing ideas!
Audrey said…
is that real? Well if it is then it is sooooooo cute

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