Pink & Green Christmas Card swap

I participated in a pink and green Christmas card swap this year. Here is a sample of one of the cards I created.


Getting a massage later today... and then little Miss Audrey is dropping over to stay a couple of days. I'll post those activities as I'm sure we will be busy.

Last night we went to see "I Am Legend" starring Will Smith. An excellent thriller movie about how the "cure" for Cancer mutates into a virus, killing off 90% of the world population, 12 million are immune from the virus and the remaining 588 million are "dark seekers".


The movie freaked out both boys.........and everywhere we went last night we had to park underneath a parking lot lamp. I originally thought the mutated "people" were going to be vampires.........but besides blood... they also want to eat you.


Melissa said…
I like the card, it's very pretty.

I thought about seeing I Am Legend tonight after work, but if it scared both MEN I think maybe I shouldn't see it!

Have fun with Audrey!

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