A Puzzling Sucky Tuesday

Another busy, confusing, what-the-hell-is-going-on with people on this planet we call Earth, why do I have to work, why can't I be rich, 21 days til Christmas Tuesday.

Only to come home from work, and noticed one of my little japanese lanterns leaning to the left in the flower bed so I straighten it up before entering the house. Go to the den area to feed little Shim-shim aka Shimmer, drop off a container in the kitchen and walk back through the living room, to discover one muddy foot print, over and over again. So now I'm waiting for the mud to dry so I can vacuum and then get out the carpet cleaner.

So... now it's time to chill............... hit a view gnomes on the head (I find tremendous release with Hammerhead which is sort of like wack-a-mole). Then off to watch a DVD.

Guess what I fixed for dinner??

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Patty said…
OMG I thought your sinuses infection had gotten worse.
Merisi said…
I am sure Wednesday going to be a great day! :-)))
Merisi said…
Well, not my typing. Wednesday ... is ... going ... to ... be ... great!!!!!!!
Steph said…
Now that is a new way to cook pasta ! LOL

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