V is for Vampires

I love watching vampire movies. They can be old ones, new ones, erotic ones and cheesy ones. I'm always on the lookout for a new vampire movie.

Ironically I just watched "Rise: Blood Hunter" which was originally released on "June 1st" my birthday. The DVD was released October 9th... and we chose (Boychild and me) the Unrated and Undead version.

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Note the bottom of the DVD: Victim ... Vampire .... Assassin.

Lucy Liu is the "Blood Hunter" She wakes up and kicks herself out of a drawer at the local morgue and realizes she is now the undead. Her mission is then to destroy Bishop, the cult leader, and his group that destroyed her life. It takes a few twists and turns... and although the movie is 2 hours and 2 minutes... it didn't seem to be that long.

My favorite quote of the movie from Sadie Blake (Lucy Liu) "Death is different now".

There are a few surprise cameo appearances. The Bartender is Marilyn Manson. I recognized him immediately, but boychild not really seeing Marilyn without his makeup had to wait until the entire movie was over and the credits rolled by, before he believed me. Then he said "damn... you're good Mom."

The other cameo is a follower of the cult named Dwayne. A guy who tries to kidnap Sadie Blake but then realizes her car is a stick... and can't drive a stick. Dwayne is played by Nick Lachey (you know the ex-husband of Jessica Simpson).

Anyway.... if you enjoy vampire movies... this is a little different... you won't see fangs... but tiny little daggers used to bloodlet the victims. But boychild and I still liked it.


Melissa said…
Hmm....I liked Lucy Liu from Ally McBeal, and you know I like Marilyn Manson with or without makeup, though I prefer with makeup. Anyway...it sounds interesting!
tongue in cheek said…
Vampire movies freak me out. I cannot watch them. The first and only time I did I spent most of the film with my ears plugged and eyes closed.
I even called the police to come and lookin my home, because I was such a chicken to go inside! lol!

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