Wednesday Morning ---- 6:00 AM

To be a child in winter. Do you remember? How you would wait so anxiously to see if the name of your school appeared on the "CLOSED" list. Your little heart beating so rapidly in your chest, waiting and wishing and watching that snail-paced scroll of school names appearing at the bottom of your TV Screen. And just when it was about to get to the name of your school.... BANG... a commercial appears...and the list disappears. And then you wait and wait for the commercial to end... only to see that the list continued during the commercial break... and now you have to wait until your section of the alphabets appears.

So... boychild had his first snow day of this new school year. However, the school closed at 7:07...and he gets on the bus at 6:39? Someone , somewhere was just a little off in getting the announcement made.

Anyway.... his Wednesday wasn't as sucky as mine. I know that Thursday will have to be better... OH please... let it be so. Of course it's our Holiday carry-in at work... and you can't forget the White Elephant gift exchange.(well I can forget that part).

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Melissa said…
I can remember when the school announcements were never on the TV only the radio. Audrey's school never closed, they just had a 2 hour delay.

Have fun at the Christmas party today!
Melinda said…
Noah's was closed...the school actually calls us now regarding weather issues. So they called twice....once for the 2-hour delay and the second time to let me know it closed. I also am signed up for WHIO email announcements on school closures. Today they have a 2-hour delay. Personally I think they should have been closed one more day. it is only 7 degrees outside. Not sure if Noah will go today or skip one more day as he is just getting over an ear/nose issues.

Love the tree photo!
Patty said…
Yes, they use to only announce it over the radio, but then started using the TV, and yes it was very annoying to have a commercial just as the school you are waiting on is to appear (if the school was closing), then like you said, would have to sit and wait all over again. Becky got to leave at noon. Their school was to have sophomore day, but since all the home schools were closed, no kids showed up. So they let the office staff leave. Which I'm surprised since her office is the business office and they could have still carried on their duties.

So what did you take for your white elephant and also what covered dish did you make?

Keep warm, love you.

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