11/08 - Day 8 of 30 Days of Gratitude - Santa Poo-Pouri

Tonight I was having a great evening and was going to watch the finale of MasterChef Juniors.  I decided to lay down on the sofa to watch the program.  And immediately went into A-Fib.  Which shocked me since I haven't been in A-Fib for about 8 weeks.  (Hmm, just increase my thyroid dose that morning).

I took two Rythmols to return my heart back to a normal sinus rhythm.  It's a form of cardioversion with medicine instead of electricity.  And so far it works; although it takes 4 to 5 hours for my heart to get back to normal rhythm.

Now there is a major side effect of this drug.  My intestines becomes a water slide for any fecal manner residing there.  I mean one of those big water slides.

I made a recent purchase called "Santa Poo-Pouri" (you know the before you go spray).  You spray it on the toilet water surface which creates a "smell-proof" barrier and then when go to the bathroom, smells are captured below the water surface.  I thought it sounded pretty amazing since I live with 2 adult males.  I was willing to give this product a try.

So when my ass went into water slide mode, I tried this product out.  I tried it two times.   And oh my gosh, this product is pretty amazing.  I mean it really, really works.  Okay it works on girl poo; we will have to try it out on the men.

I'm very thankful for this product.  I'm taking it on vacation where we will be spending lots of time in small quarters.  I'm taking the little personal size to work for my coworkers to try.  I personally think this product is amazing.


Jackie said…
Angie...first of all...prayers for you and your heart condition. So sorry to hear that you went into A-fib. Please, continue to take care of you. Mama has A-fib...but hers is totally for a different reason: leaking valve in the heart. Do take care of you.
And...regarding the product. So glad you posted about this. I would have never even thought about a product that could have those results...and wouldn't have even thought that someone would THINK of that. I am just not creative and inventive enough to think like that. Thank you for sharing the information.
Patty said…
Sounds like a good idea. I think my A-fib goes all the time, but not to the point I need medication. but I notice it does happen more when one doctor changes my thyroid and another one thinks it should be a lower number. Sometimes it makes it hard to work with some of these doctors.

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