Mrs. Bilger's Christmas Gift

When I was in 2nd grade, my teacher was Irene Bilger.  I loved this woman.  When it was time to go to 3rd grade I asked for her to hold me back because I didn't want to leave her.

Anyway let's go back to Christmas 1962/

As Christmas approached one day we found wrapped gifts above the blackboards, in a perfect line.  Each gift had a name on it.  Each gift was the same size, different wrapping paper and every morning before the bell would ring we would look up at those gifts and wondered what could be inside.

One day Mrs. Bilger was called to the front office.  That's when I convinced this boy (for some reason I think it was Rex) to climb on her chair and open one of the gifts.  He did.  Inside the box was this:

Yes Toy Jacks.... we were all excited; however, Mrs. Bilger came back and saw the unwrapped gift and the little boy got in trouble.  He never said anything and neither did anyone else.  I was sort of a manipulator back then; well some might argue I still am.


Jackie said…
I love stories about favorite teachers... They make my heart smile.
Anonymous said…
Patty said…
My favorite teacher was Mrs. Starr, our English Literature teacher when I was a senior in HS. My least favorite was
Mrs. Heller, Latin teacher when I was a Freshman.

I don't remember any teacher buying her students gifts. But then I can't remember much about my grade school days. I know I went to Lewisburg until I was in the 4th grade, then went to Greenville from middle of the 4th. grade into 5th. and then to Arcanum to finish out the 5th and graduate from Arcanum.

I was a very backward kid, didn't like to be called on, didn't volunteer anything, even if I knew it.

I was picked on a lot, but nothing nasty. I use to be very small for my age, perhaps that had something to do with it. I never really cared too much for school. Went because back then, the only way a girl quit school was if she was pregnant.

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