Grandma's Car

My Grandma had her seat belt on.  The driver of the car told police he did; however, later at the hospital he said he doesn't bother with those belts.

Grandma was a passenger in the car and was struck by an ongoing car.  The car spun around and the other car actually hit her car again.

The driver stated his head was resting on Grandma's head.  The left side of Grandma's face was badly bruised.  The back of her head hit the passenger window and her neck was broken due to the inpact.

It's hard to imagine what went through her mind when this was happening.  I certainly hope that she felt no pain.  Getting the results of the coroner's report was heartbreaking to say the least.  It was amazing that Grandma lived for 2 days after this accident.

Both of the car seats snapped out of place.  My poor Grandmother had endured a lot of pain in her life.  I just hope there was no pain.  I feel so much anger to the driver who has used Grandma his entire life.  He broke my arm at 5 years of age.  He tried to drown me at 5 years of age.  He has robbed a jewelry store.  He fired his gun at the sheriff's home and spent time on attempted murder.  His mind is fried from years of drug and alcohol abuse.  He has lived off his Mother & Father for years.  Now at the age of 67 he has to stand on his own 2 feet.  This sociopath has no remorse except he will have to vacate Grandma's house.


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