Grandma's Auction

It was so sad to see my Grandma's possession in an auction warehouse with non family peeps rummaging through her stuff.  It was very emotional for me to watch.

But I plucked through and actually went to the auction.  I wanted her kitchen table and chairs.  And I was very determined to get them.  I placed my paddle 27 high in the air and never brought it down.  I guess the other person bidding realized I wasn't budging and finally dropped out.

I also had the winning bid for a dresser and vanity set.

And I also won a quilt she made.

I will post updated pics when I get the items into our new home.  I am happy with all my purchases and although the items can't replace my Grandma it's comforting to have them around me.


Beth Niquette said…
How wonderful...I'm SO glad you have these things to remind you of your precious Grandmother. She sounds like such a lovely woman. And just think, you can cuddle up in that quilt she made. You can imagine her face smiling at you from the mirror. And have a cup of coffee or tee where she sat. ((hugs))
Angie at Home said…
Yep, I'm pretty excited about that.

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