Hair Color

Hair color is very important to me.  It's funny that I just realized this but when I went from blonde to a mousy brown I became depressed.  I hated the brown, I mean I really, really hated it.

Then I sent to Sally's Beauty Shop and went down the hair dye aisle.  I choose a black/plum color and a red violet color, got some 20% developer and came up and stirred up a batch of hair color.

Now normally I go to Sara to have my hair done, but this was late in the evening and I needed to do something to my hair NOW.  And I did.

It's darker and in some lights it looks black and in other lights its more plum.  All I know is that the murky brown is gone.... and I like this so much more.

Unfortunately I splashed some dye on my silver bath mat, so there's another expense as I have to replace the rug.... but sometime sacrifices have to be made in the heat of the moment.


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