Birthday Surprises

When it comes to my birthday I really don't know what to tell my Hubby what I want since I basically buy whatever I need when I need it.  But he always ask and I try to have some ideas on hand.

So my sweet hubby went to Sephora and checked out my "wish list" and purchased me some of Kat Von D makeup.  I must say I've been using the eyeshadow every day and love it.  And the eyeshadow brush is amazing.  Plus the packaging is too dang cute (looks like a little coffin).

He also went to Pandora and picked up a gift card.  Then he went to 252 West Salon, spoke to someone about how much it would cost for certain services and proceeded to get me a $250.00 gift card to them.  Wow... he does spoil me.

And he also placed a little yellow sticky on the Pandora bag and told me that if I spent $100.00 I got a free double leather bracelet... so guess where I went?

And when I got home from work; he was fixing my favorite dinner and these flowers were the centerpiece on the table.

It's nice being surprised..... and I'm very lucky to have a husband as kind and generous as Gary.


Beth Niquette said…
Ah, what a perfectly thoughtful fellow. Happy Birthday! And, yes, you are blessed. Enjoy every moment to the fullest.
Patty said…
You have one fine hubby. He goes all out for your Birthdays.
Glad you had such a nice one. Love you
Abraham Lincoln said…
I would agree with your mother. Gary had always been a super person. I don't get to see him much but when I do I enjoy his visits.
Melinda said…
yes you are blessed Angela!

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